My name is Rod Shearer. I’ve been a member of the APAS since its inception way back when but haven’t
made much of a contribution to date.Recently the position of Tech Adviser became vacant & I’m pleased to be
able to help in this capacity.
My wife & I have owned a Cherokee 140 (RVK) since ’93 & have a Hangar & airstrip at our small farm near
Bendigo. Somewhere along the way flying dropped off to such an extent that the old Cherokee has been on
static display for some years now. This is all related to the old time/money situation.
All my working life has been as an aircraft mechanic. My apprenticeship started as a 15-year-old in the airforce
at Wagga, with Winjeels & Sabres used as training aids. I graduated as an Airframe Fitter & worked in Canberra
& Townsville mainly on Iroquois, Squirrel & Caribou.
After 9 years I left & got my AME Licence. I stayed in Townsville working on a wide range of GA aircraft & also
on Iroquois & Blackhawk heavy maintenance contracts.
In ’93 we headed to Darwin & worked on a multitude of GA types for a variety of companies.
In ’94 we moved back to our place at Bendigo & I got a job at the local airport, again on a wide variety of
GA aircraft.
In ’98 I got a position with Southern Airlines (which later became Qantaslink) at Mildura. We carried out
scheduled maintenance checks on Dash 8’s (just like a newer Caribou
really). This involved a lot of nightshift. After 2 years some positions opened up in Line Maintenance in
We moved back to our place in Bendigo & I began 6 years of commuting & nights away from home.
At least there was no nightshift.
I left Qantaslink around ’07 & shortly after started my own business operating from home. It has taken a lot
of work to build the business up. The hangar was originally only for storage with a gravel floor. This had to
have a lot of improvements before it could become a CASA approved workshop.
So for those of you still awake (or more wisely skipped the preceding paragraphs), I look forward to helping
fellow members where I can.
Please e-mail any questions you have to bacm@iinet.net.au ensure you put “APS Tech Advice” in the subject
line or it will go in the Spam file. I will
try my best to give answers within 2 or so days. If you need an answer fast you may phone me on
As this is for Tech Advice & not emergency rescue the e-mail should be adequate in most circumstances.
Each aircraft is unique in its own way & whilst I may not be able to answer all questions off the top of my
head, I’m sure I’ll have a good idea where to look.
I plan to put a summary of the more interesting & recurring questions in the newsletter to keep us all informed.
Now, do as I say, not as I do & go fly some hours. After all, they’re
called Aeroplanes not Ground-oplanes!

Rod Shearer
Maintenance Program Goals


TechnicalRod Shearer0419 717 212technical@piper.org.au

The Australian Piper Aircraft Society Maintenance program was established for the benefit of Piper Owners and aims to:
  • Offer service clinics demonstrating tasks which pilots are authorised to do under schedule 8 of the Civil Aviation Regulations Aerofiche
  • Organise service forums with Piper owners to discuss service problems and issues
  • Convene seminars on critical service issues identified by Australia's leading Piper maintenance organisations
  • Compile a list of maintenance organisations which Piper owners have found to provide special care for Piper aircraft
  • Compile a list of spare parts sourcing
  • Establish contact with Piper aircraft and component manufacturer


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